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Athlete To Trainer.

From Athlete to Trainer:

We make each other better, we push each others limits, & we grow through competition.


I have played sports my entire life. I remember when I was injured playing lacrosse my Sophomore Year of college, I had been told, “You can’t play the rest of your lacrosse season due to a torn labrum”. I figured this was the start of confusion and a year of heartbreak. Later that year I transferred to a new school. (George Mason University)


There was hope after rehab and reconnections opening other opportunities. I was able to walk on another lacrosse team will full mobility in my shoulder! This moment was a mental clarity; I can be the best at anything.


I learned to be comfortable alone in a gym. I was inspired by someones work ethic and WANTED that for myself. I pushed myself HARD to ALWAYS extend over 110%. Thanks to Covid-19, my fitness and vegan love exploded before my eyes helping me realize everyone needs a push.


Becoming a trainer and now working in a gym. Life is funny like that but i wouldn’t have it any other way.

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