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My Story

What is it that fuels you? For me, it’s my lifestyle. My name is Rena Pillow and being vegan has been life changing for me.

In 2018, after dealing with extreme mercury build up in my body from adopting a pescatarian diet, I was the sickest I had been in my life. I was constantly bloated and having a hard time digesting food. I was never able to sleep longer than 4 hours with the majority of my sleep being interrupted by my thoughts. I was on several different prescribed medications and a regular at the doctor's office.

My life was changed when I had a reunion in Hawaii with a vegan friend, who's mom was certain that a plant-based diet would change how I was feeling. Veganism was something I had heard of yet NEVER  thought I could see myself doing. After trying it, I soon realized it was the best decision I'd ever made. After a week of following a plant-based diet, my life was completely changed. Two years after beginning this journey, I have spread vegan knowledge to family, friends, coworkers and teammates. I created a 3-day vegan plan and all the participates either transitioned to vegetarianism or became VEGAN! I love what I do and I hope to inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle. Life is too short not to.

VeganRena is truly my new passion project. Being a certified personal trainer, a coach, and a supporter of all vegans has enabled me to gain traction each day. I hope you enjoy browsing my site and all of the  content I have to offer. I am committed to connecting communities with healthier lifestyles and helping others achieve their unique fitness and nutritional goals.

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