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Black Community Food Environment

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Black communities must break out of the mindset that meat is our only entrée option or that 'if you don't eat meat, you're not black'. It is important to remember African Americans created 'soul food' from the scraps we were given. If our communities had access to a fresher variety of produce and more affordable food options, we would be better positioned to improve our nutritional choices and dietary patterns. For example, I notice more fast-food chains like McDonald's, Taco Bell or KFC, available in systemically disadvantaged areas. Rarely in these communities will you find healthier options like Panera, Cava, or Chopt. Change starts with access. The world portrays veganism as reserved for the wealthy, but part of being vegan is about how you shop. African Americans can be great at improving our well-being through food and If I'm a black girl who strives to eat a healthy vegan diet you can too. It's all in your mentality.

#Support #Agriculture #Vegancommunity #Blackvegan #foodjustice #knowledge #foodaccess #mentality #healthy

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